Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Helen (& Barack too)

The jury is still out on President Obama, as far as I'm concerned. I must say that I really feel sorry for him. He's certainly inherited a hell of a mess from he who shall go nameless, so I'm willing to give him some extra "honeymoon" time before I decide whether he's all that or not. So far, he's been doing a decent job, except for some important issues, such as giving the antics in the US Attorneys office go, as well as some of his positions, such as on signing statements and state secrets. Ultimately, he's smart and reasonable, so I remain hopeful that things will go well under his leadership.

Of course, he went a long way toward getting in my good graces by taking the time to stop in the White House Press Room to wish Helen Thomas birthday wishes on her 89th birthday, which she shares with Obama:

Helen Thomas is definitely my favorite journalist -- and not just because she's Lebanese. I've been lucky enough to meet her a few times and we even compared jewelry:

So big birthday wishes to both.


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Anonymous said...

Now I'm not so glad you're back to blogging.