Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Scratch & Dent

Globe Magazine reports, First Lady Laura's Bloody Fight With Boozing Bush:

GEORGE BUSH and wife Laura are headed for divorce - again - after she left claw marks on his face during a furious fight over his boozing, White House sources reveal. The president was left with a bloody three-inch gash along with a smaller cut. Our world exclusive reveals the shocking details of their explosive showdown - and what their future holds.
Here we go again. Every so often, there are these rumors about Bush boozing. See e.g., Cheers!.

I don't believe it for a minute. The scratch is no doubt due to another run-in with a pretzel. Remember, it's happened before. See Bush on fainting episode: 'Chew your food'.

(Via Eschaton)


Anonymous said...

The Globe is the only weekly rag -- Nat'l Enq, Star, OK!, Us Weeky, etc. -- that runs stories about Bush boozing and marital troubles. The others don't appear to touch this at all, but the Globe does so on a fairly regular basis. The Nat'l Enq, on the other hand, has run a couple of stories about Edwards' girlfriend's pregancy (alleged, of course). (This info is by way of answering your other readers' unasked question: What do retired lawyers do to pass the time?)

JudiPhilly said...

You need to get out more (or, at least spend more time in the check out line).

The National Enquirer has also weighed in, at least once, as I noted at this post, Save Our Children on the Boozehound in Chief.

Trust me, I try not to miss anything that disses the Prez. And that's the answer to (unasked) question what small firm lawyers do in their spare time.