Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Off to Catland

It looks like our cat Scrunchy has left us, since he's been missing for several days.

As I noted in comments at KIKO'S HOUSE, he went missing last year for a few days and then turned up none the worse for wear, demanding his meal. But he's been gone for over 3 days, so I'm beginning to think we may not see him again. He loves to wander the neighborhood, but he always comes back in the morning and early evening for his meals. When we pull in the driveway after work, he's often waiting for us under the gazebo.

He doesn't usually wander off too far from the house (so as to not miss a meal) and my husband and I have checked around the neighborhood looking for him, but no sign of Scrunchy. Our daughter just got back from a week-end at the shore, so she doesn't know & we don't have the heart to tell her. Especially in nice weather, Scrunchy usually eats & runs, so the fact that he wasn't here when she came home last night wasn't unusual.

The above is a picture of Scrunchy shortly after he arrived at our house in April of 1998. This is a more recent shot. Unlike me, he's not into political news.

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