Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Amnesty

Today is what's known as Blogroll Amnesty Day. Started by the only conservative that I regularly read, Jon Swift and a few others, it is a day of celebration of the smaller blogs. The idea is to mention some smaller blogs who don't get the recognition they deserve.

I know you're not supposed to say no one's smaller than me, but hey, it's true & who cares. I only say that so that my picks don't think I assume that they are smaller than me (not so).

In honor of the day, my list of 5 blogs are:

All Spin Zone -- Politics & a little bit of life, by a team of bloggers, but mostly by new father, Steven Reynolds;

Mirth, Musings, & More -- a witty world view & a cartoon of the day;

My Philadelphia Story -- mostly Philly doings;

Philadelphia Freedom Blog -- an activist's take on the important issues;

Philosophers' Playground -- life from a philosopher's point of view, with a bit of humor thrown in.

Video by that great supporter of small blogs, Blue Gal.


Susan said...

Welcome back on-line!

Lugosi said...

Oh, hey! Thanks for the mention!