Monday, March 13, 2006

Jesus Weeps

The Boston Globe has two articles on the decision of the Archdiocese of Boston to stop adoptions as part of Catholic Charities mission, as detailed in Catholic Charities stuns state, ends adoptions and Church's rift with Beacon Hill grows.

Rather than comply with the non-discrimination policies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding gays, the Church has decided to cease all adoptions. That is, the Church determined, "after much reflection and analysis, they could not reconcile church teaching that placement of children in gay homes is 'immoral' with Massachusetts law prohibiting discrimination against gays." The 42 member Board of Catholic Charities had unanimously voted to continue with the adoption policy (which included permitting children to be adopted by gays), but they were overruled by Church officials.

The Catholic Church of Boston has been involved finding homes for orphaned and needy children almost since it's inception there, according to Boston College historian Thomas O'Connor. However, the new Pope (you know, the one who was formerly a member of the Nazi party) declared in 2003 that same sex unions were verboten and adoption by gays was also a no-no.

Of course, they could have continued the mission of adoptions and given up the millions in aid that Catholic Charities receives annually from entities such as United Way, which have non-discrimination policies in place. Instead, they opted to totally halt all adoptions.

Blogger No Blood for Hubris said it well:

Now the church is letting us know that they'd rather have kids languish in foster homes than give up their phobias about homosexuality. Compassionate? Christian?

Meanwhile, the very same Catholic Church is still hiding their long history of harboring and cosseting pedophile priests who sexually abused defenseless children over decades.

Theme: protecting pedophile priests, that's ok. Cruelly abusing and mistreating kids in slave-like conditions, that's ok. Intruding into the private lives of adults, that's ok. Helping abused and neglected children find adoptive homes, not ok.
These are not the teachings of the Church I remember. It's a sad day to be a Catholic. Jesus would definitely not hang with this crowd.

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