Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life is Beautiful

As Bush is wont to do, he has been engaging in the "Blame Game" of late, attacking the medias coverage of the war in Iraq as a way to deflect the reality of the situation and his own role in the disaster that exists there.

The Countdown (the one with Keith Olbermann, not the Birthday one) did a segment on the latest "attack the messenger strategy" adopted by Bush and his cronies. As part of the story line, Olbermann shows a few recent Bush speeches, (see Crooks and Liars), where he blames the media for the situation in Iraq. He also addresses Laura Ingraham on the topic.

David Gregory started the dust-up during a recent interview, (Crooks and Liars), on the Today Show with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, about the medias coverage of the War. According to Ingraham, who had recently been to Iraq, life is beautiful there. She went on to say that reporters would see that if only they would leave their hotels and go out and about in the various parts of Iraq.

Gregory did a follow up interview on the Today Show with reporter Richard Engel, (Crooks and Liars), in which Engel said that the actual on the ground situation in Iraq is even worse than is being portrayed in the press.

If Ingraham truly believes the stuff she spouts, then I wonder if she's planned her family's Spring Break trip yet? If not, then maybe she could take the whole family to Iraq for their family vacation. Sounds ideal -- lot's of fun and sun.

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