Saturday, March 11, 2006

Twilight Zone

There is a commercial from Vernon Robinson, who is running for Congress in North Carolina that is truly scary. Using the "Twilight Zone" theme, Robinson tries to instill fear in conservative Republicans by attacking gays, blacks, judges, immigrants. See it for yourself at Crooks and Liars. He's in the Twilight Zone alright.

Oh, please save me from those "family values."

UPDATE: Word is that Robinson pulled the vicious ad. See Crooks and Liars. Unclear whether it was because of copyright issues re: use of Twilight Zone tape or outcry because of the hateful content. My bet is the former. You can still see the ad at the Crooks and Liars site.

Also, apparently, this guy is black. Must have major self-esteem issues.


Diver's Girl said...

Dear "JudiPhilly",

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JudiPhilly said...

Dear Keren:

I'd be happy to participate. Email me at, so you can give me your email address. We can then discuss the best way to do this. Judi