Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pat's is King of Steaks

Today must be a time for follow ups.

This one's a follow up on the No Cheese Wid for me post about the "English Only" Cheesesteak place, Geno's. Apparently, the Geno's story started with blogger Philebrity, who has been a long time Geno's patron, but got "uncomfortable" with the heavy dose of bigotry on exhibition (see picture). See also his post: The Love Of Hot Moo-Cow Wit Cheese Knows No Language Barrier.

There's also an audio clip of a Radio Times interview with Geno's owner, Joe Vento (see Radio Times 6/6/06 Show, Hour 2). I ordinarily would never say this, but I'm not the one judging others by their use of language, he is. And by my standards, as an English major, the man can't speak English! As Philebrity put it:

As those of you who listened to Vento on WHYY’s Radio Times yesterday can attest, Vento holds fast to his xenophobic beliefs, wrapping them cozily in patriotism and false “sympathy” for today’s immigrant classes. Not that Mr. Vento himself has the English vocabulary to characterize even his own opinions with that kind of clarity. He’d probably be the first to tell you just he’s not a particularly enlightened guy. (Did anyone else seem to hear him repeatedly say “Ingish” when he meant “English” on the show yesterday?)
Obviously, the man never read the maxim about throwing stones while living in a glass house. Or perhaps he can't read either. Otherwise, he'd be embarrassed by those signs.

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