Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Silliness of the 1% variety

As a follow up to my post on Ron Suskind's new book, the "One Percent Doctrine," One Percent Rules, Don Davis of The Satirical Political Report observes that the book is "just the latest in a long line of works that document the moral bankruptcy, rank incompetence, and Constitutional crimes of the Bush Administration." Noting that "the “One Percent Doctrine” actually governs a wide variety of Bush practices and policies," Davis provides TOP TEN FEATURES OF ‘THE ONE PERCENT DOCTRINE’:

10. Percentage of problems actually solved.

9. Percentage of individuals getting 99% of the tax cuts.

8. Percentage of truthful statements made by the Administration.

7. Percentage of brain used by Bush.

6. Percentage of Al-Qaeda “No.2’s” actually captured.

5. Percentage of Rumsfeld statements that are intelligible.

4. Percentage of government power to be exercised by Congress.

3. Percentage of occasions to use diplomacy instead of force.

2. Percentage of information that Cheney allows to reach Oval Office.

1. Percentage of that One Percent that Bush actually reads.
Davis is the blog version of Jon Stewart. His satirical take on the political events of the day is perfect. And, as I've mentioned before, most surprising is the fact that he's a lawyer with a sense of humor. There is hope for the world after all.

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