Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cartoon of the Day

Bob Gorrell, Creator's Syndicate


BAC said...

A nearly even contest, yet no one is calling for Obama to step down. If FL and MI votes were included, Sen. Clinton would be ahead in both pledge delegates and the popular vote. She has won all the major states, except IL, while Obama has racked up a number of states that Dems will never win in a general election.

I'm glad she is staying in this race.


JudiPhilly said...


It's funny, but when I read this comic, I couldn't decide whether he was really for or against Clinton pulling out. In fact, that's why I picked it as my Toon of the Day, because it was somewhat ambiguous on the issue.

Isn't he suggesting that time & cost may not be the only reasons to support a withdrawal -- in either case? Of course, there may be other good reasons to do so, especially with respect to Iraq, of course.