Monday, April 28, 2008

Love Conquers All

On Saturday night, we hosted an engagement party for one of the LLWL Gang* and a good time was had by all.

Obviously, however, we're really just a bunch of duds. It's clear that we don't know how to have a bang-up affair, like the newlywed couple from Pittsburgh, Love, (Bam!) honor (Pow!) and obey (Wham!): Wedding night brawl lands couple in jail:

On Saturday, they were exchanging their wedding vows. But soon, they were exchanging blows -- with each other as well as with members of another wedding party.

"It was pretty wild," said Ross police Sgt. Dave Syska of a post-wedding brawl that landed a bride and groom in the Allegheny County Jail on their wedding night and left two good Samaritans with injuries.

There was lots of goodies to eat (my barely used Viking range finally got put to good use by a cooking monster LLWL Gang member) and drink, including the obligatory champagne toasts, along with some delicious desserts. The office gang (and mates) intermingled with friends and family of the happy couple and there was lots of good wishes and cheer.

So where did we go wrong? We can't claim an evening to remember like this:

According to a criminal complaint, the Wielechowskis had just checked into the Holiday Inn-McKnight Road in Ross and were ready to enter their room on the seventh floor when they began arguing.

Dr. Wielechowski "then used a karate-style kick with his leg to kick Christa, knocking her to the floor," the complaint reads.

* * * *

Police said both Dr. and Mrs. Wielechowski punched and wrestled with the rescuers, who were left with injuries that included cuts, a tooth knocked out and a possibly broken thumb.

The complaint estimates $1,000 in damage to the hotel, including to the elevator, the planters and plants.

* LLWL = Lady Lawyers Who Lunch (a/k/a my officemates)