Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's the Cheesesteak, Joey

So, the South Jersey Republican who makes a living off gullible tourists visiting Philly (since no one from Philly would actually eat his lousy cheesesteaks) is whining because neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton stopped by Joey Vento's shop during the campaign.

I've written about Joey Vento, the anti-immigration, son-of-immigrants many times before, who is now claiming that the Democratic candidates are wimps for skipping a visit to his place, Vento to candidates: No Geno’s? No guts. No, Joey, it's not that. It's that they heard not only are you an idiot and an asshole, but that you make inferior steaks too. After 45 cheesesteaks, the best were ...

Oh, and then there's always the issue of the flags. As I mentioned in The Flag Flies, Joey Vento is a big fan of the confederate flag. Joey, if Obama had stopped by, would you have shown off your confederate flag tattoos? Or even better, perhaps he could have draped himself in one of the rebel flags you have hanging around the shop. Maybe you have a lapel pin with the confederate flag that you could have given him to quell those stories that he's unpatriotic because he's just like the other 2 presidential candidates and doesn't wear one.

And one more thing Joey-- that affinity for the Rebel flag. Is that your Southern roots showing? I realize it's not a sign that you're a bigot, it's just a reflection of pride in your southern origins. But which South are you glorifying? Is it South Philly or South Jersey?


BAC said...

"Is it South Philly or South Jersey?"

Ha ... this line made me laugh.

It's my understanding that following the Civil War, the confederate flag pretty much disappeared -- and that it was only when African Americans began to march and rally for civil rights did it reappear in the south. How sad.


Susan said...

He must really get your goat. Unusual, for you, use of crude epithet, hyperlinked no less.

QuakerCityDave said...

Yeah, that Joey. Such a card. What a stand-up guy. Not that he's crude or anything, huh.

"Joey" is a racist, and a punk. Just because the Human Relations Committe found him "innocent" doesn't mean he's not a bad guy. He IS a bad guy. And he's a disgrace to the city. As are his adoring fans.

And his steaks suck. Totally.

JudiPhilly said...

Yes, Vento does bother me to no end, because his bigoted publicity stunts should be ignored, not pandered to, by the media.

That same media, by the by, that neglects to mention the fact that Geno's proudly flies the confederate flag, which may perhaps justify a pass by politicians other than similarly inclined pols like Rudy Giuliani?