Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Diversity Defined

Diversity has no place in the Catholic Church, or its institutions of higher learning, announced Scranton Bishop Martino. Acknowledging that the "advancement of tolerance, understanding and harmony between people of different races and cultures" are worthy goals, the Bishop clarified that such teachings have no place in a Catholic Institution, since they conflict with Catholic values.

In his latest quest for the limelight in the Electric City, the Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton has defined the word "Diversity," at least for those Catholics who don't have a dictionary handy. As the Times-Tribune explains, Bishop Martino defines role of 'diversity':

Bishop Joseph F. Martino called on area Catholics to see a difference between 'authentic tolerance' and an 'anything-goes mindset,' in a public statement Tuesday.

* * * *

The statement describes a school’s responsibility to teach Catholic values. It says while diversity is a worthy goal, a Catholic institution may not compromise on the “objective, moral truth” of Catholic teaching.

“For example, would the Diversity Institute be justified in hosting a speaker who believes the Holocaust is a myth? Or one who believes slavery is OK because certain people are inferior? Or one who believes women can be exploited because they are the “weaker sex”?” the bishop asked.

“Their views are certainly ‘diverse,’ but does that qualify them to be given a platform in the name of tolerance?" Bishop Martino wrote. “As Catholics, we believe there is an objective, moral truth — given to us by Jesus Christ. This truth is timeless, and it cannot be altered by the shifting tides of popular culture.”
See also, Bishop, Misericordia trade statements on diversity institute.

Banning Holocaust deniers (sorry Bishop Williamson, you aren't welcome in Scranton), gays and people who know people who may be pro-Choice is the latest edict defining the limits of diversity, instructs Martino.

Of course, I'm speaking of the man who runs the Catholic Church in Scranton, Joseph Martino, who has taken time from closing churches in the Diocese to targeting colleges who foolishly believe learning means listening to views that may not be your own. As I've written (many times) before, Martino has attacked a local college because it dared allow a gay man to speak at a forum (sponsored by the Diversity Institute, of all things) as part of its Black History celebration. Santimonious: In Praise of Moron.

For more of the sad saga of sinful doings in Scranton, see The Intolerance Institute, Sinful in Scranton.

In his latest statement, Martino issues a final word to his critics and naysayers:
Bishop Martino concluded his statement by offering a “postscript” to people who criticize him for “taking public stances that may not be popular or ‘politically correct,’ or may not agree with their own personal notions of what ‘progressive’ Catholic doctrine should be.”

“My job as a bishop is to promulgate the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful,” he wrote. “I will continue to do so.”
I'm just sorry that I left the Church long ago, so I can't make a big scene & leave now!

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