Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bristol Break-up

No, it's not the newest dance craze.

The wedding is off (if it was ever truly on) between Bristol (she of Palin fame) and Levi Johnston. According to The Political Carnival, The wedding is off: Bristol Palin totally broke up with Levi:

Shhh! Don't tell Limelight Palin... Bristol has embraced freedom of choice again. First, she decided to keep the baby, and now, well, so much for wedded bliss:

Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter Bristol has reportedly broken off her engagement with Levi Johnston, the father of her 2-month-old son Tripp. It's surprising because in an interview just last month with FOX's Gretta Van Susteren, Bristol said the 19-year-old Levi is a hands-on dad and that they planned on marrying after finishing their education.

What's so surprising? Maybe they never finished school... which, based on their ability to make educated decisions, seems pretty obvious.

But in a new interview with Star Magazine, Levi's sister Mercede Johnston says Bristol actually broke up with Levi more than a month ago, is not attending school and rarely lets her baby daddy see their young son.

Told ya so.

Mercede also says Bristol even told him that she hates him and, when she learned she was pregnant, wished the baby wasn't his.

Wow, that's pretty harsh. She could have said she was just not that into him.

Mercede told Star: "Bristol's just crazy. That's the nicest way I can put it. ..."
As Mudflats put it, "Ruh-roh. Trouble in paradise."

Crazy? Maybe so. And, not exactly the way she portrayed things on her recent TV interview. She definitely is afflicted with the same aversion to truth telling that her mother suffers from.

And, of course, Sarah "Family Values" Palin isn't talking, Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Split Up. There are even rumors that the problem may be that Levi is about to be a father yet again, which certainly would account for the fact that Bristol isn't too enamored of him.

Of course, as I noted way back in October, before the election, Wedding Bell Blues:
So, the baby's due in December, they're planning a summer wedding, but plans could change. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the translation for this one.

That is, if McCain/Palin loses, and Sarah slinks back to Alaska, the wedding's off. On the other hand, should they somehow squeak by (or steal the election), the wedding will be moved up to a date prior to the inauguration, so we save the country of the embarrassment of an 'out of wedlock' (grand)baby in the White House. You know, Christian values being what they are and all.
Maybe my LLWL colleague wagered on the wrong Palin staying in the limelight -- she would have been better off betting on Bristol, not Sarah.

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