Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Day, Another Birthday

Life was good when I was a little girl. I was an only child and had the undivided attention of my parents and relatives who lived in the neighborhood.

As my 5th birthday approached, my parents were very excited. I was sure they were planning a big party to celebrate my birthday. Instead, for my birthday I got a baby brother, who had the nerve to usurp my day by arriving the day before my birthday. In fact, my mom was in the hospital on my birthday and so, there was no party at all for me. Instead, everyone was celebrating the new baby.

To add to the insult, I've had to share a birthday with that brother all these years since. Pictured above is our 2nd/7th birthdays, which I called "It's my party & I'll cry if I want to," in the slideshow I put together for his birthday yesterday. Of course, it looks like I may have contributed to his tears. I guess I still hadn't quite recovered from the unwelcome intrusion in my life yet.

Since then, we've managed to build a good relationship and we had the luck to again share a birthday party yesterday. It's been a long time since that's happened and I realized that the shared party has its pluses.


quakerdave said...

Happy day!

quakerdave said...

Is someone crying, laughing, or candle-blowing in that picture?

There's no CRYING on birthdays!!!

Gort said...

I was born on my sister's 5th birthday and she still hasn't forgiven me.