Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer in the City

The sky may be a little overcast as I sit here watching the waves roll in, but it's still my favorite spot to be. A house on the beach in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, is my idea of the perfect vacation. Fun, sun and relaxation.

I almost had an even more relaxing time -- I forgot my laptop at home. It was packed and was sitting on the table in our breakfast room, but in the last minute flurry of getting things together to go, I walked out the door without it. My husband, nice guy that he is, went back to Philly yesterday to get it. He said that he needed to get some other things that he had left behind as well, but I know that he knew I'd be lost without my laptop.

So all is well with my world. The beach, a few books to read -- and my laptop.


Anonymous said...

You would be lost without you're laptop! Have a great vacation! AMS

quakerdave said...

Heading down to the O.C. this weekend, with a stack of books but NO laptop. Can't wait.

JudiPhilly said...

It's sad, but true -- I would probably go through withdrawal without the laptop.

But I'm also spending time reading a few books, so life is good.

Dave -- Enjoy OC - sans laptop, with books (my other love).

Gort said...

I just went to Rehoboth Beach for a week and made a point of not watching the news, reading the newspapers or surfing the web.

I recommend it to everyone.

JudiPhilly said...


I don't mind reading the news or surfing the web -- for me, that's part of what I do for "relaxation" (such as it could be living in Bush world).

I do it when I feel like it -- or not.

What makes a true vacation is having to do little or no real work.

That's something I'd truly recommend -- for myself and everyone else.