Sunday, August 10, 2008

Being Bernie

It's unfortunate that the last time Bernie Mac made the news was related to his appearance in July at an Obama fundraiser, where he was criticized for his raunchy jokes about women, see Bernie Mac Makes 'Inappropriate' Jokes at Obama Fundraiser. As he then said during his routine, he wasn't likely to get the VP spot, because he cusses. True that.

However, as I noted in comments at The Quaker Agitator, I couldn't understand the reaction to his skit. It's humor. It's Bernie Mac. As I observed:

I felt the same way when I heard the reaction to Bernie Mac’s jokes at an Obama fundraiser. He’s Bernie Mac — that’s his humor. What did you really expect? If you find it offensive, he’s not the guy for you. You’re allowed to leave the room when he does his routine.
In tribute to Bernie Mac, who departed this earth way to soon, here's a clip from his King of Comedy routine.

He was a King of Comedy. And funny too.

For more about Mac, see Bernie Mac-A True King of comedy.


Steve Gimbel said...

He will be missed. He was HUGE on the stage, filling every inch with his persona. There was never any doubt whose stage it was when he had the mic.

JudiPhilly said...

Yes. He was a true comedian. Despite his over the edge subject matter and language, he was able to make you find the humor and laugh out loud (except of course the truly humorless).