Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Woman in White

Earlier this week, I posted about my bout of Bad Tech Karma, which has necessitated the replacement of a number of my tech gadgets.

One of my purchases, the new ThinkPad X300, which I just received, was something I was able to justify because my Dell POG (Piece of Garbage) was about to give up the ghost. I also was able to rationalize spending so much on the laptop by telling myself that I didn't upgrade my iPhone when the new version came out recently. In fact, I even wrote about how virtuous I was feeling for not getting the new 3G iPhone last month, iM Feeling It.

No sooner did I speak than fate intervened -- as part of that bad tech karma. My law partner returned from vacation last week with a dead cell phone, which got wet during some outdoor activity. So, she needed to get a new cell phone. We talked about what she should get and came up with the brilliant idea that she should get my iPhone and I'd get the new one. I knew it was only a matter of time. After a few extra rationalizations, of course, I was able to justify getting the White 16GB. And even though the AT&T stores don't have the phones in stock, I was able to go to the Apple store one morning and get one without a problem.

Now that I've replaced pretty much all of my gadgets, my tech karma is happily aligned again.

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