Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Christmas Time Again

One of the nice thing about families being spread about is that it can extend the holiday season a bit longer. Visits to and from relatives out of town allows for Christmas to be celebrated all over again as the family gathers together.

We are back from a trip to visit my husband's family in Pittsburgh. We had our Christmas dinner on Saturday, followed by our annual Christmas gift exchange. I got to open my antique moonstone bracelet all over again, with oohs & aahs (since it was also a present from my mother-in-law, among others).

The long week-end was made even merrier by the fact that DavePhilly, who is a big Steelers fan, got to enjoy a big win with his Pittsburgh friends and my daughter, an Eagles fan, likewise enjoyed a victory ( and both teams managed to make the play-offs). And, of course, I'm happy because they both were.

This weekend my brother & his family visits, so we get to do it one more time.

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