Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pass the Silver Polish

Surprisingly, the Supreme Court has opted not to further tarnish its image by getting involved in the electoral process again. That is, the various frivolous claims regarding Barack Obama's birth have once again been rebuffed. See The Birth of a Citizen for my previous post on this issue.

As the SCOTUSblog reports:

In a brief order, the Court, as expected, turned aside a New Jersey voter’s plea for the Court to determine if President-elect Barack Obama was qualified to run for the White House — that is whether he was a “natural born citizen.” The stay application came in the case of Donofrio v. Wells, Secretary of State of New Jersey (08A407). This marked the second time in recent weeks for the Court to turn aside such a challenge; the first came on Nov. 3, in Berg v. Obama (08A391). The Court, in neither instance, gave reasons for turning down the applications. In neither case did the Court seek a reponse, thus indicating it had little interest in either or had found them to be completely without merit.
In other words, as Gawker explains, SCOTUS Refuses to Deny Secret Muslim the Presidency:
Sad news for crazy people: the Supreme Court decided not to hear an emergency call to intervene to stop Barack Obama from assuming the presidency, on account of how he's secretly not a citizen.
Or as Wonkette says:
Having lost pretty much everything else, forever, the wingnuts have focused all of their intellectual firepower on a single foolproof argument: Barack Obama cannot be president, because they say he’s a scary African. Somehow this important issue has come before the United States Supreme Court, twice! And so far, our communist Highest Court has refused to even consider the crucial situation! Today, the justices again spit on the legal efforts of Real Americans.
See Libtard Supreme Court Will Let Alien Monster Barack Obama Be President!

Rather than merely mocking these nuts, as I am wont to do, The Anonymous Liberal takes a more reasoned approach, and actually addresses the claims more seriously, in A Question for the Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theorists, inquiring as to the point of their challenges:
To these folks, I ask a simple question: what is your endgame? Suppose (purely for the sake of discussion) that you're right, and there is something technically deficient about Obama's claim to natural born citizenship. Maybe he was born overseas and his mother smuggled him into Hawaii just after birth. Maybe he floated into Pearl Harbor in a bassinet like Moses, from origins unknown. Maybe he descended from Krypton in an escape pod. Whatever the case, let's imagine that something like that happened and that you could somehow prove it. What then?

Obama was elected president by a large margin. He has approval ratings in the 70s. Most of his cabinet has been selected. The transition is well underway. And the country is in a very precarious state. Do you really think that a federal court is going to declare Obama ineligible to be president and plunge the country into chaos? Can you imagine the repercussions? Talk about "judicial activism." We would have a constitutional crisis of epic proportions. We would have riots in the streets.

Let me save you the suspense. That's not going to happen. Not in a million years. Even if you managed to get your hands on ironclad evidence that Obama was born somewhere else (which you won't), the courts will not entertain your claim. They will find some grounds (likely lack of standing) to dismiss your case. Trust me.
Finally, Arianna Huffington discusses the matter with Keith Olbermann on Countdown:

What all of this means is that Yes, Virginia, Obama is going to become the President of these not always United States.

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