Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's No Contest

The Sardella Saga continues.

In the latest installment, Mia Sardella has pleaded nolo contendere to the charges still pending against her.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, Woman pleads no contest to killing infant:

Mia Sardella, the 20-year-old Drexel Hill woman charged with killing her newborn son, pleaded nolo contendere today to involuntary manslaughter, abuse of corpse, and concealing the death of a child.

She faces up to 10 years in prison.

It's taken nearly 2 years for the case to reach the point where Sardella has actually conceded the facts of the case -- without acknowledging guilt. KYW explains, in ''No Contest'' Plea in Case of Dead Newborn Found in Car Trunk in Delco:

Her attorney, Arthur Donato, explained that it's slightly different from a guilty plea:

'In a guilty plea, the defendant admits the facts as alleged. In a nolo contendere plea, the defendant is not contesting the facts as alleged. Other than that, there is no difference.'

* * * *

Judge Jenkins accepted the plea and set sentencing for January 22nd.

Sardella could face up to ten years in prison, although she is likely to get far less. Her attorney, Donato (at left in photo), said he would be presenting mitigating factors during the sentencing hearing.

Sardella remains free on $250,000 bail, in the custody of her grandparents.

In other words, she doesn't challenge that the facts are true, she just doesn't accept responsibility. Ahh, the age of George W. Bush lives on.

In one final irony about this case, January 22nd is an auspicious date for the sentencing. It is the 2nd anniversary of the date the infant was found in the trunk of her car.

Admittedly, this case is a tragedy all around. I have followed the case from the beginning, see, e.g, Different Strokes for Different Folks, Momma Mia and Mini Mia. Yet, I'll repeat what I've said before, One More Time:

So what's left? 3rd degree manslaughter and 'related charges.' And what are the chances that Sardella will end up going to trial or serving time in this case based upon the reduced charges? While pondering the odds, think about this: Of course, politics would never enter into the equation in Republican Delaware County, when dealing with the granddaughter of the CEO of Glenmede Trust.

Well, I was right about the no trial part. Now, we'll have to see if she ends up serving any time. Stay tuned.

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