Monday, November 10, 2008

One More Time

She may end up dying of old age before she ever goes to trial. In what has to be the most complicated case of infanticide that ever existed, the trial of Mia Sardella has been delayed -- yet again. It was scheduled to go to trial on November 20th and has been postponed without another date being set.

The reason? Either nothing, as the Delaware County Times notes Sardella trial delayed again, or new evidence was discovered, according to Fox News, Trial Continued For Drexel Student Accused Of Killing Newborn.

Sardella apparently gave birth in January of 2007, after hiding her pregnancy from friends and family. The then-Drexel University freshman was originally charged with first degree murder after the infant was discovered by her mother in the trunk of her car. See Momma Mia. Although she was held for trial on charges of homicide, involuntary and voluntary manslaughter charges as well as abuse of a corpse, the first-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter were later dropped, Pretty Plea. The trial has been delayed several times already. See Mini Mia.

What makes this matter noteworthy is the fact that Sardella is the granddaughter of Albert Piscopo, CEO of the Glenmede Trust, an investment firm that manages the assets of the Pew Charitable Trusts and other high-end clients. No poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks, as they say (or she'd have been in jail rather than out on bail this whole time).

As I said before, in Pretty Plea:

So what's left? 3rd degree manslaughter and 'related charges.' And what are the chances that Sardella will end up going to trial or serving time in this case based upon the reduced charges? While pondering the odds, think about this: Of course, politics would never enter into the equation in Republican Delaware County, when dealing with the granddaughter of the CEO of Glenmede Trust.

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