Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Day to Remember

Unbelievable. My daughter just IM'ed me to say that she was heading to the polls in Miami with a group of her college friends. Although the polls open at 7 a.m., they were told that the line begins forming at 5 a.m.

My daughter already cast her vote by Absentee Ballot, so she's just going to keep her friends company as they wait in line. So much for the youth not turning out to vote. It's just very satisfying to me to see her becoming involved in politics. That, if anything, will be the true travesty if Obama doesn't win and the outcome of the election is at all subject to question. The fact that so many people who weren't interested or were turned off of politics, especially younger people, have now been inspired by this election is thrilling. It is truly the best part about the election.

As I noted during the primary season, Can Do, this is the main reason that I support Obama:

However, in my lifetime, I can say that I don't recall any Presidential candidates, other than John F. (and Bobby) Kennedy, that were able to generate the level of enthusiasm among so many in such a heartfelt, positive manner, especially among younger people. Of course, the current hopeless mood of the country, with a hugely unpopular war, a devastating decline in the economy and myriad other negatives on the domestic and international front, leaves people searching for hope for the future. And Obama speaks to that hope.

And, as further evidence of her growth and budding maturity, yesterday she sent me a text message asking whether "gayness" was more accepted in the north. Of course, I said yes and blamed it all on the religious bent of the Southern evangelicals. Turns out that she was working on an essay in her English class in support of gay marriage and a few students apparently got into a discussion on the issue. She said that she got into an argument with one of the other students who, as she put it, "wasn't making any sense." Apparently, his view was that gay marriage should not be permitted because parents have too much influence on their children and that will impact any kids they may have. She responded that being gay isn't contagious, so it doesn't matter. She also asked him how a straight couple could have a gay kid if his theory was true.

Turns out, a gay marriage ban is on the ballot in Florida, so I told her to be sure all of her friends vote against it when they go in to cast their ballots. An unfair, shameful proposal.

Hearing that they kids were headed out to vote is just a great start to a day to remember.

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