Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So Sorry

Such sad news that Barack Obama's grandmother died one day before the election. See Barack Obama's grandmother has died.

Obama eulogized his grandmother in Charlotte, NC.

Although I wasn't raised by my grandmother, she lived across the street from me (and in fact, for a few years was even my roommate) and we were very close. As I've mentioned before Noni was the mainstay of the family on my mother's side. My family (both the Italian and Lebanese sides) was very traditional -- I was the first female on either side of my family to move out of the house other than due to marriage. To be single and living on one's own just wasn't done. It was my grandmother, who was born in Italy and didn't speak English very well, who encouraged me to move out -- and away.

It's just very sad that she wasn't able to live to see the outcome of the election.

UPDATE: I wondered about this. I'm glad to see that her vote will still be counted. According to Political Radar, Obama's Grandmother's Absentee Ballot will be Counted by State of Hawaii:

While Sen. Barack Obama's late grandmother Madelyn Dunham will not live to see the outcome of this historic election, her 2008 vote will count.

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