Thursday, November 06, 2008

A New Day

As the transition begins with President-elect Obama (gee, it feels weird even writing those words), there will be other changes that will happen in DC & beyond with the election of a new President. In/Out lists usually come at year end, looking forward to a new year. However, the Washington Post put together one for the new powers that be, The List:

Because we've always believed that we're the change we've been waiting for, and because there's nothing like the morning after Election Day for bold proclamations. The culture wars? (Still in.) Hope? (Very in.) The Bible Belt? (A little too tight.)

Here's what's in: Unreal Americans in the unreal America, which turns out to be anyplace and anyone, dreaming our crazy little dreams, making three-pointers from the outside. It's the return of eloquence, of high grades, of cool under pressure. But before we go into that beckoning light, can we have just a little more fancy pageant walkin' from Miss Congeniality? Please?
A few other favorites:

Out / In

Chest Thumping / Fist Bumping

Tenacity / Audacity

Mission Accomplished / Mission Impossible

For the rest, see here.

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