Friday, November 28, 2008

Joe's the Man

BuzzFlash has a weekly feature, GOP Hypocrite of the Week, and this week's winner is that sanctimonious sad sack, Joe Lieberman. Now, Lieberman may win the prize as the ugliest human in the world, but that doesn't stop him from competing for other awards. I'm certain he wins the Traitor of the Year Award for his recent election antics. And now he lands yet another honor that he justly deserves. After all, he worked hard to get there:

The Senate Democratic caucus may have given Joe Lieberman a reprieve, but we can't.

Since we began publishing in May of 2000, the gold standard for Republicans in high places has been brazen hypocrisy. That's why we created this special BuzzFlash site to "honor" those who practice the opposite of what they preach.

* * * *

Of course, every once in awhile comes along a Democrat who comes out of the closet as a Republican, and such is the case with Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman could be a Jewish James Dobson in that he oozes with such self-righteousness, while practicing the politics of fear and hysteria.

* * * *

After the Democratic caucus refused to punish Lieberman for his scathing attacks on not only Obama but also the idea that a 60-member Democratic Senate might be dangerous to the national security of America, Lieberman claimed that his lacerating comments about the President-elect and the Democrats had been misunderstood.

* * * *

Lieberman keeps telling himself and us that he is a man of integrity.

But he's not. He's a hypocritical opportunist with notions of empire and ambition that far exceed his grasp.

Once I stopped laughing, the comparison of Lieberman as a Jewish James Dobson made me think it was time for another episode of Jew, Not a Jew. Last up on the Jew, Not a Jew Machine was Eliot Spitzer, following his tryst with a shiksa prostitute.

Oh, I know, the name's a give-a-way. However, for the definitive answer on Lieberman, I consulted that oracle of Jew or Not Jew, who had this to say, in pronouncing him a Jew:

Say it ain't so Joe!

The first prominent American Jewish politician since... well, ever and he's an unlikeable dope?


This was it, y'know? He was on the ticket! I mean, come on, if someone told you there was a Jew on the ballot, you'd vote for him blindly right? Who cares about his platform, we're davening down Pennsylvania Ave! Except... ugh...

Joe... you're killing us here!

OK, so he didn't lie about his background, get a blowjob in the oval office or decide to make his own didactic personal beliefs into nation-wide policy like so many other ham-on-white politicians of late.

But, boy it's hard to like him. And we really feel we ought to make ourselves like him.

But we can't.

Of course, Lieberman's Profile hasn't been updated since he came out of the closet as a Republican during the 2008 election, by campaigning for McCain and other GOP candidates. The Democrats may yet live to regret making nice and let Lieberman keep his post as Chair of Homeland Security. By doing so, he now has another opportunity to pull a Judas Iscariot, by instigating meritless investigations of the Obama Administration. However, if he does do the Judas thing, he risks lowering his Jew Score into the realm of Borderline Jew. And, he surely doesn't want that -- since no other religion wants him either.

For another worthy contestant, although he may have banished from the scene, there's George Allen: Jew, Not a Jew?

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