Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Times for Change

Some people who received The New York Times yesterday may have thought they died & went to heaven. The headlines were a liberal's fantasy -- with a headline “IRAQ WAR ENDS” !!

Other headlines abound: USA Patriot Act Repealed, National Health Insurance Act Passes, Universities to be free! Bike paths to be expanded! Thomas Friedman to resign, to the delight of dirty hippy liberal bloggers everywhere.

The paper is dated July 4, 2009, and imagines a liberal utopia of a rebuilt economy, progressive taxation, a national oil fund to study climate change, and other goals of progressive politics.

For a minute there, I'm sure some of the Obamaniacs must have thought that the election of Barack Obama as President really in and of itself acted as a change agent.

Unfortunately, as that stodgy, stinky other Times reports, Liberal Pranksters Hand Out Times Spoof:

Sorry, folks, the paper isn’t free. And the Iraq war isn’t over, at least not yet.

In an elaborate hoax, pranksters distributed thousands of free copies of a spoof edition of The New York Times on Wednesday morning at busy subway stations around the city, including Grand Central Terminal, Washington and Union Squares, the 14th and 23rd Street stations along Eighth Avenue, and Pacific Street in Brooklyn, among others.

* * * *
The hoax was accompanied by a Web site that mimics the look of The Times’s real Web site. A page of the spoof site contained links to dozens of progressive organizations, which were also listed in the print edition.

* * * *

The Associated Press reported that copies of the spoof paper were also handed out in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, and that the pranksters — who included a film promoter, three unnamed Times employees and Steven Lambert, an art professor — financed the paper with small online contributions and created the paper to urge President-elect Barack Obama to keep his campaign promises.

* * * *

According to The A.P., software and Internet support were provided by the Yes Men, who were the subject of a 2004 documentary film.
See also, Fake New York Times Declares Iraq War Over! Here's Who Did It and Massive Liberal Conspiracy Behind Fake Times.

My husband was in New York yesterday for business & I called & asked him to try to get one, but no luck.

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