Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the Season

My absence from blogging has been due, in part, to the usual hectic holiday doings. Of course, I'm not exactly complaining that fun times and partying have intruded in my life.

My daughter, PhillyAngel, arrived home from college Friday evening. She managed to cart her laundry all the way from Miami, along with the rest of her stuff. The clothing requirements due to the weather differences between Philly and Florida didn't seem to sink in. I've also been trying to explain to her that in the age of airline charges for checked bags, this has to be the most expensive laundry cleaning ever.

Once she was all settled in, I also got the tree, decorated the house and Christmas music now fills the halls. I have officially declared the start of the holiday season in the JudiPhilly household. I also got together with some old friends over the week-end and went to my first Holiday party.

As always, I got a nice big, fat tree (although its actually smaller than my usual selection). The Santa collection is scattered though the house. And my antique ornaments (mainly from my grandparents) are displayed in the breakfast room.

I've also added the annual slideshow of Christmas pictures through the years.

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Susan said...

Lovely. But not considered a substitute for in-person viewing. As Charlotte said to Harry on SATC, "Name the date!"