Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

As I was doing my holiday shopping this year, I stopped in my favorite antique jewelry store in Narberth, looking for a Birthday/Holiday present for a close friend. Of course, I knew that it was a dangerous endeavor and, as I feared, I saw something I fell in love with for myself. I may have mentioned a few times before how much I love jewelry. Seeing how conflicted I was, the owner entrusted the bracelet to me, to take home and think about (can you guess that I'm a very good customer). Just what I needed. Having it in my possession for a week or two, to have & to hold. Oh, and I did manage to find a gift for my friend.

Last Saturday morning, as I was getting ready to do some last minute shopping, I decided to return the bracelet. After all, I had others to think of, PhillyAngel's tuition for next semester coming due and the bad economy all conspired against keeping it. Before I left, over coffee my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I voiced the usual -- I don't need anything, I own everything I want (& more) -- all true. Then, as I got ready to leave, I had a thought.

I told him about the bracelet and said it was the only thing I really wanted. Would he just contribute whatever amount he would otherwise spend towards purchasing it? He offered to pay for it, but I said that it was way more than we usually spend on presents. It was definitely a "Don't ask, I won't tell" item. I then showed him the bracelet, which he liked, so we had a deal. His mother also had me in family pollyanna and she had called me to say that, during my craft show wanderings, I should pick something out from her. I figured I could add that to the bracelet. My parents also give me money for Christmas, so I could contribute that as well. It could be a "family gift," which would make it more memorable.

Last week, during my trip to Scranton for the funeral of my aunt, I stopped in my brother's office when I arrived in town. He left his cell phone on the table and was in the other room when it rang, so i picked it up. It was a physician friend of his that I had done some legal work for last year. He mentioned that I never billed him for the services and I said to forget about it. He then said that he wanted to give me something, but I said that I was heading right back to Philly. I figured that he wanted to send me a gift basket or something. Then, on Monday, I received a Christmas card with a check from him for the holidays. I said, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"! Obviously I was meant to have this bracelet (or so I justified it to myself). I can't tell you how excited I was. This unexpected gift would be yet anther contribution towards the now friend & family gift.

Along with all of my other jewels, I have a moonstone collection. And my favorite jewelry is from the art deco period. So this platinum bracelet, with carved moonstones, surrounded by small diamonds and sapphhires, was just perfect addition to my collection.

Me on Christmas morning, sporting my new gems:

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quakerdave said...

So it was merry and bright and sparkley, too. That's good.

Have a happy new year on top of that!