Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ok, I fibbed -- sort of. I said that I couldn't bear to watch the presidential debates last night, which was true. However, the real truth is that I attended a client event at the Independence Seaport Museum last night, so I only heard the end of the debate on the radio on our way home and watched the some of the post-debate analysis.

I had TiVo'd the debate to watch later, but after listening/reading the wrap up and watching the highlights, I think I'll skip it after all.

Instead, I spent the evening at a black-tie fundraiser, enjoyed a good meal and ended up buying a pair of diamond, orange sapphire and citrine earings at the live auction (pictured), along with a few Silent Auction items. As I've mentioned before, I'm a jewelry junkie (along with a tech junkie and a political junkie . . . ).

So, like the economy, I'm broke.

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Anonymous said...

The earrings are beautiful! Enjoy and wear them in good health. AMS