Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Out, Damn'd Spot!

Not too long ago, a wrote about a bout of Bad Tech Karma that I was experiencing. It seems like I've had to replace almost every piece of tech equipment that I own -- both at home and the office. From phones (at work and home) to laptops to routers, all of my tech gadgets have crashed and died. Since then, an external hard drive that I have at the office also went on me. Of course, the corresponding good news is that I've ended up with all new gadgets (including a new iPhone).

However, along with these seemingly never-ending tech problems, our office has also been having a bad case of karma health-wise. Several spouses and SOs (Significant Others) of LLWL* members have ended up in the hospital recently, with various health issues.

We thought we were just getting past it all when the latest occurred over the Labor Day week-end. I got a call early Sunday morning from my assistant, who wanted to let me know that she was at a local hospital waiting to go into surgery. She had a fall Saturday night while walking her dog & ended up badly fracturing her ankle.

She ended up at a nearby ER & had to have surgery that afternoon. They had to put a plate & screws in. I spoke to her briefly late yesterday afternoon after her surgery & she sounded fine (drugs are wonderful things at times like this). She was supposed to get discharged yesterday from the hospital.

I'm beginning to think that we need to call in the Purifier, to perform another "exorcism" to purify us of the bad spirits that seem to have invaded our office. We had one several years ago to rid the office of bad spirits after an especially nasty partnership break-up. See The Cleansing.

Otherwise, just when you think the worst is over . . . .

(LLWL = Lady Lawyers Who Lunch, a/k/a my officemates)

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