Sunday, September 14, 2008

It was a Chelsea Morning

It was a Chelsea Morning, from our Room with a View.

I may have mixed literary metaphors, but our retreat was a successful mix of sun, fun and work. We held our retreat at the new The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City, with a Stephen Starr culinary week-end. We dined at the Chelsea Prime and Buddakan Atlantic City. And we had breakfast each morning at Teplitzky's, also at the Chelsea. Excellent meals all, with the always great Starr ambiance.

The Hotel was a fun, funky treat for our retreat. Our ocean front view of the sun rise from our '50s style room was the perfect touch for the week-end. The service of the Hotel staff was superb, which added to the pleasure of a relaxing, pampered week-end. For more on the newest addition to the AC scene, see The New Hamptons?

And yet, beyond our beautiful boundary, Atlantic City still needs to catch up with its potential. As I wandered the beach this morning, I couldn't help but feel that this picture captured the essence of much of AC:

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