Thursday, September 18, 2008

Way Off

A while back, I bemoaned the state of the state, saying that the country seems to be in a god-awful mess. That was back in April. See Off the Track. In my litany of woes, I noted:

Things like:

The Bush/Cheney regime's secrecy, disregard for law and executive power grab, which works to permit these petty little tyrants to amass power in the hands of the few, with the acquiesce of a compliant Congress.

Year 5 of the Worst War in History.

Revelations about the true extent of the Administration's torture program.

A major downturn in the economy, with the Administration arguing over whether this is a recession, while I worry that we're headed into a major depression.

Diminution or elimination of our privacy rights, with wiretapping and other intrusions on our constitutional rights.

A marriage of Church and State, with religious extremists calling the shots.

A press that obsesses over celebrity, but disregards reporting on the true state of affairs that is destroying our country.
Six months later, little did I know how much things would deteriorate, so quickly, especially with respect to the financial market. It seems like we may be skipping a recession altogether and going directly to depression. See The Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression.

Oh great, now I'm sure depressed!


quakerdave said...

I am totally turning off the TV and the radio this weekend. This ENTIRE weekend.

Except for the Phils and the Birds, of course.

Lots of jazz, all day long.

I am sick of being sad.

JudiPhilly said...

I'm with you.

Did the jazz thing Friday night -- went to a benefit concert with some WONDERFUL jazz & the only TV I'm doing is Stewart/Colbert on my Comcast version of TiVo, which I just got. At least that way, I can laugh through my depression.