Saturday, September 13, 2008

Greetings from Atlantic City

It's that time of year again. Time for our annual LLWL (Lady Lawyers Who Lunch) retreat. Our group ushers in fall with a time to reflect on our past year's accomplishments and plan for the future of our Gang. We've gone from the Mountains of Mohonk to the Beautiful Beaches of Cape May in past years.

This year for various reasons we decided to stay close by, so we picked the garish glory of Atlantic City. Because we stuck close to home, we added a facilitator to our group meeting, to help us focus on the joint goals of our group. In between, some people gambled, walked the boardwalk, enjoyed the ocean and relaxed by the pool at our hotel.

My husband and I met in Atlantic City oh these many years ago (37, to be exact) and the AC of today ain't nothing like I remember from way back then. In fact, I haven't been back since then, so it's hardly the AC I remember!

On the other hand, once you look more closely around, there's still a lot of the old AC under the garish glitter.

However, the beach itself is beautiful and the boardwalk does provide an interesting mix of old and new.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I hope you all had a great time!! AMS