Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clinton for Change

If only he had seen the spirited appeal by Hillary Clinton, it might not have come to this. However, in the biggest sign yet that it's too late for Hillary, Andy Borowitz reveals the announcement that Bill Clinton Switches to Obama:

In what some Democratic Party insiders are calling a particularly ominous sign for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, former president Bill Clinton today became the latest superdelegate to switch from Sen. Clinton to her rival, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill).

Sources close to the former president said that Mr. Clinton had been mulling such a defection for weeks, as early as the night of the Iowa primary, but that he only decided to make his decision public today.

'The American people want change,' Mr. Clinton said at a press conference in New York. 'Lord knows I do.'

* * * *

For her part, Sen. Clinton said that the defection of her husband would not deter her from staying in the race, adding, "To my knowledge, he's the only white voter Sen. Obama has."

The New York senator denied that she was playing the race card, arguing, "Every other member of my family is supporting me, and by the way, they're white."

Elsewhere, a defiant John McCain said that his wife will not release her tax returns, "and neither will my girlfriend."

This election has been about change all along and this is a big one.

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