Sunday, May 04, 2008

Intrusions of Life

When things get particularly hectic, one of my favorite expressions is that life keeps interfering with my life. It seems to be happening a lot lately.

I barely had time to recover from last week-end's engagement party when I had to make a trek to Scranton because of the death of an uncle. Then, this week-end was filled with a work-related fundraiser, as well as the Senior Prom for the soon-to-be graduate. Thankfully, the prom preparations weren't quite as dramatic as last year (when we discovered that the security tag was left on the dress). But of course, she still managed to run behind schedule, causing the last minute dash to the Top of the Tower just in time for the dinner.

However, my Scranton trip brings to mind the latest Scranton mention, as was noted in The Times-Tribune. My cousin Jim & I both lived down the street from the Rodham family home and we're convinced that at some point the story will evolve to Hillary really did grow up in Scranton and actually was one of the kids who walked to school with us. The Daily Show visits Scranton to interview childhood friends/neighbors of Hillary Rodham Clinton:

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