Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gun Free Zone

As I await the expected pro gun rights decision in the Heller case by the US Supreme Court, A Key Case on Gun Control, the thought keeps running through my head whether the Court will permit gun toting visitors entry to the court after it upholds the right to bear arms. I think not, of course.

I've written about the pending Supreme Court case before, in Wanted: A Straight Shooter, in which I noted that I expect the Court to overturn DC's handgun ban. Despite the decision of the Court, I am certain that there will be no guns permitted during Supreme Court arguments in the future.

It's yet another example of the "supreme law for the rulers" -- that is, the rules are for thee, not me.

Another example of this unwritten rule is John McCain's appearance before the National Rifle Association's meeting. In what can only be described as a delicious irony, the NRA banned guns, knives and other weapons during during McCain's speech. As was reported in With McCain on hand, knives won't cut it at massive NRA gunfest:

A small but startling sign welcomed the gun lovers who arrived at the National Rifle Association's annual gathering Friday.

"Firearms WILL NOT be allowed in Hall A during the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum."

Beyond this sign at the Kentucky Exposition Center was a row of 10 metal detectors. They were manned by uniformed Secret Service officers deployed because the scheduled speakers included presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

The Secret Service sets the rules in such circumstances, and even NRA big shots had to go through the screening. Thousands found themselves standing in a long, slow, feeder line before they even reached one of the lines that stretched in front of each metal detector.

There can be no doubt that any attempt to impose any restrictions on the free flow of guns to quell the violent-filled street of Philadelphia would cause a loud hue and cry about the rights to unfettered gun ownership. But an appearance by McCain at a gunfest? Nary a word. The attendees silently obey, putting down their arms.

Where were the protests? Where was the NRA? Oh right, this was an NRA rally.

The rules are for thee, not me.

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