Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Mini Memoir

The first time I ventured into the 6 word story was in October of 2006, when Dan Rubin of Blinq wrote about the six word story inspired by Hemingway. Wired Magazine featured a number of contributions from writers and designers, see Short, Sweet & to the Point.

My contribution then:

A few zig-zags, a different life.

Earlier this month, after I read about a recently published book on 6 word memoirs, Not Quite What I Was Planning, I penned a 6 word memoir on my life in Philly:

Came to litigate.
Stayed anyway.

Then I read a piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Chris Satullo, Speak Volumes in just 6 Words, about the book, as well as his pithy contributions about various politicians and celebs, both local and national.

I have to say, I love the 6 word story. In part, I suppose it's because reading and writing were my calling from an early age. Not surprisingly, I started out planning to be a writer. Then, once I began working, I decided to be a journalist. Lawyer was not even on the career horizon for me. Yet, somehow, that's where I ended up. The only constant through all of the changes and moves was my husband. That, and my first love -- reading & writing.

So my latest entry to the mini-memoir:

Not what I thought. Much more.

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