Monday, May 19, 2008


Amazing. The crowd at a rally for Obama yesterday in Portland Oregan was estimated at 75,000, the size of the city of Scranton, see Record Obama Crowd, the Size of a City.

However, fawning press reports don't tell the whole story. For a story on the event with a pro-Hillary flavor:

Some 75,000 dead-enders flocked to Portland’s waterfront Sunday to watch Barack Obama speak, while the remaining population of Portland (estimated to be 493,000 hard-working salt-of-the-earth white Americans) stayed away in droves. Thousands stood on the lawn, dozens watched from their elitist boats and from the bridge stretching across the Willamette River. A few kayakers (an elitist sport by the way) raised their paddles in mindless obedience to the so-called messiah, their eyes glassy and uncomprehending, as they watched the candidate, who stood on a makeshift platform, refuse to admit that the dream is over while clinging to his stubborn and divisive refusal to accept the obvious.

Obama conceded as much by hailing Clinton as a “formidable candidate," saying she "has been smart and tough and determined and she has worked as hard as she can and she has run an extraordinary campaign....but unfortunately she is a woman."

Then he reportedly made a discrete but clearly obscene gesture accompanied by disgusting sex noises while his followers laughed and laughed like the world was coming to an end... just like it will if he is elected. In the distance came the sound of a lonely ice cream truck which made me sad for the children. Really really sad.

See TBogg, Get me rewrite!.

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Steve Gimbel said...

75,000 Americans. Imagine what this country could be if they were all of the hard-working variety. If they would only make use of their blood equity and chance-taking DNA like authentic white people, Portland could be another Wilkes-Barre or even, dare I say it, the West Coast's version of Allentown. (sigh)