Saturday, May 31, 2008

The West Wing

The DNC Rules Committee meets today to decide the fate of Hillary Clinton, so I thought that Jon Stewart's clip on the War on the Clintons was the perfect antidote as we await the results. That is, the War being waged by the vast Right -- and Left -- Wing conspiracy. Of course, the Clintons don't belong in either wing. They are firmly ensconced in the West Wing.

Jon Stewart is referring to Bill Clinton’s enemies list?:

With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on the verge of defeat, Bill Clinton has been placing blame on enemies including a brazenly biased media that tried to suppress blue-collar votes, a powerful anti-war group that endorsed rival Barack Obama and weak-willed party leaders unable to stand up to either of these nefarious forces.

Pieced together from the former president’s public remarks at his wife’s campaign events and a private conversation last week with top donors to her campaign, the theory goes something like this: After Hillary recovered from a string of losses to rival Barack Obama with March 4 wins in Texas and Ohio, powerful forces conspired to pressure the superdelegates who will decide the nomination to back Obama by discouraging her supporters from voting and trying to hide evidence proving she would fare better than Obama against presumptive GOP nominee John McCain.
To think, the Right and Left Wings have united in a single purpose -- to keep the Clintons out of the West Wing!!

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