Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Debate in Real Time

As part of our new-found freedom (i.e., now that we're empty nesters), my husband & I went to dinner with friends this evening at Bistro 7 in Old City. We intended to have an early dinner, so that we'd all be home in time for the Obama/McCain Debate. My friends were staunch Hillary supporters, but have made the switch with great ease. However, we ended up having a lovely evening (and a delish meal), so we lingered a bit longer, enjoying a tasty assortment of desserts and our conversation.

The debate had already started by the time we left, so we listened on the radio on the ride home. Once I got home, I tuned in to the debate and went on-line, to check my email. I then logged on to AOL instant messenger, to see if my daughter was on-line, to say hello. Imagine my surprise (nay, shock!) when she told me that she was watching the debate, with a group of friends in her room.

We then live blogged the debate, via IM:

Me: hi, u there?
Her (10:01:10 PM): yea
Me (10:01:23 PM): so, what's up?
Her (10:01:52 PM): watching the debate u?
Me (10:01:57 PM): ditto
Me (10:02:28 PM): we just got home from dinner with S & R
Her (10:02:44 PM): thats nice
Me (10:02:57 PM): dinner was yummy
Her (10:03:18 PM): thats good
Me(10:03:23 PM): yup
Me (10:03:35 PM): John McCain is a doofus
Her (10:04:06 PM): i kno
Her (10:04:16 PM): n he breathes as if hes gonna die
Her (10:04:19 PM): like that second
Me (10:04:29 PM): so true
Me (10:04:57 PM): he's a grumpy old man, who looks like he's on his last leg
Me (10:05:58 PM): & he's NOT my friend
Her (10:06:05 PM): I KNOW!
Her (10:06:32 PM): lol morgan just said that
Her (10:06:40 PM): she was like y does he keep callin us his friends
Me (10:06:49 PM): true that!!
Me (10:07:42 PM): his idea of being a peacemaker is to go to war
Her (10:07:53 PM): i kno
Me (10:11:02 PM): I thought he said Reagan was his hero

* * *

Me (10:20:59 PM): Q is: is he {McCain} ever going to answer the Q?
Her (10:21:55 PM): lol
Me (10:39:21 PM): so S is trying to get us (her & me) in to a private party Friday nite with Obama
Her (10:39:37 PM): OMG REALLY!
Her (10:39:41 PM): that would be crazy!
Me (10:39:41 PM): YUP

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Susan said...

That was touching. I IM T --since we're in the initial mode -- during the day sometimes. I open with the BBC classic line, "Ms R, are you free?"