Monday, October 13, 2008

Feels Like Old Times

She's gone again. After her whirlwind week-end in Philly, our daughter went back to school in Miami last night.

Home for the first time since she left for college in August, with a few exceptions, it almost seemed like she had never left. On the way home from the airport after she landed on Thursday, we stopped for a cheesesteak. She said her friends in Florida want her to figure out a way to bring some real Philly cheesesteaks back for them to taste.

We managed to get in most of her favorite things. That is, we got our hair done together and went shopping. She also got to see the boyfriend and rekindle that flame. Because it was Columbus Day week-end, most of her friends were also home from college, so she go to re-unite with her old gang. I got to drive her around as she flitted from one place to another, which allowed us time to catch up and chat about her new life. And Saturday night, the gaggle of girls spent the night at our house, after a party at Temple. So, we had our usual big brunch for the girls on Sunday, when they finally got up.

On Sunday, before she left, we took a few pictures of Philadelphia as we drove around the city. Her nickname at school is Philly and she seems very happy there. She and her roommate get along and are friends. She's made other friends and says the campus is warm and friendly. She's doing well academically, she likes her classes and her teachers.

Although she's only been gone for seven weeks, she's matured a bit already and her independence has given her self confidence. She's beginning to grow into her self.

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