Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

The New York Observer reports that, while preparing for the VP debate on Thursday, PBS anchor Gwen Ifill fell and broke her ankle. However, unlike some people I know -- who shall go nameless -- she still plans to moderate the debate on Thursday in St. Louis. Gwen Ifill Breaks Ankle; Will Still Moderate Thursday's VP Debate.

I especially love Wonkette's take on it, VP Debate Moderator Gwen Ifill Breaks Ankle, HOW PECULIAR HMM?:

Oh well what a timely “accident,” and what a likely “story,” which sounds nothing like “intimidation.” CAN SOMEONE then, maybe, explain the letter found next to Ifill’s ruined body that read “no forrin polisy gotcha quesschins,” written in virgin goat blood and signed by “Thteve Thchmidt”?
I've been accused of blaming the Republicans for all of the world's ills, so why not this?

And one last thing:

Gee, this just shows that some people are totally dedicated to their jobs, and others . . . .

'Nuff said.

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