Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Team Go

Sign spotted on my way to work. Gotta love it.

But, was Obama guilty of pandering to the Phillies' fans and then flip-flopping? See Can't lose: Obama backs Rays, Phillies. Then, of course, Jon Stewart has to get in on the act:

Via The700Level, who notes:

Leave it up to the amazing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to find a way to bring the Mets into this World Series. The entire opening segment of last night's show focused on the ridiculousness of someone campaigning for President trying to throw their hat into the cheering section of either swing state. Mr. Stewart mentions the Rays are from Tampa and then notes -- incorrectly I might add -- that the Phillies are from "the festering soar on the end of my taint."


Gort said...

Great sign. I printed it out and put it in window.

JudiPhilly said...

Glad to hear it, after the effort I went through to get it.

I passed the sign by on my way to work, thought about it & decided to go back & take a picture (I carry a small digital camera in my purse). I had to turn around & go back, then pull in to the private drive where the sign was posted. I kept my fingers crossed that the owners wouldn't come out & chase me away.

Then, of course, it took a while to get back on the main road (it was rush hour & traffic was busy).

However, I too loved it, so it was worth it. I told the boss to chill out when I got to the office late. Since I'm the boss, I said it's OK.

Now, those damn Phillies just gotta win. Obama too.