Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rocking on the Parkway

Don't be me -- go see Bruce today on the Parkway in Philly!

A few of the LLWL Gang are headed to see Bruce Springsteen today and, despite repeated efforts via email, I was unable to get a "free ticket," so I passed on joining them .

Sounds like it will be a free for all, after all. According to the Inky, The Boss will turn none away today:

Whether you clocked in or not as a volunteer with the Obama campaign over the past few days, turns out The Boss will see you after all.

Despite early confusion over the hastily arranged campaign event, scheduled for this afternoon on the Parkway, officials said yesterday that Bruce Springsteen's get-out-the-vote concert would be open to any and all.

City officials said they were preparing for a stadium-size crowd or larger as the concert expanded yesterday to include three musical acts.
So, I'm instead lunching with an old friend (and blogger pal) and doing a clothing exchange (plus it was chilly for an outdoor concert & this delicate flower hates the cold). Even when times are good, I'm a consignment/thrift shop maven (so I could afford my occasional jewelry splurges), and then I pass on the still good stuff to friends and charity organizations.

(Poster via Phawker)

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Anonymous said...

Old? You're older than I am. But I did have a great time and look forward to putting on fashion shows for Scrubs all next week.