Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doggone It, What About Me?

Ever since the election, it seems like one group or another has been complaining about this appointment (too left, too right, too middle of the road) or that one (he didn't pick someone from this particular constituency) or else has been harping about the fact that Obama hasn't addressed this important issue or another.

After all, he's been President-elect since November 5th, so what's he waiting for? His inauguration? Please. After all, we're in an economic crisis, a health care crisis, 2 wars, a situation with Israel & Hamas, you name it -- so we can't wait until he's really the President.

Well, the latest faction that has become disillusioned with Obama is the doggie devotee crowd. As the Caucus reports, Doggone It, Just Get the Puppy Already:

In fact, President-elect Barack Obama’s search for a new family puppy is now breeding some ill will among dog lovers.

It is not exactly like taking heat for his position on the Gaza conflict, but Mr. Obama is sparking criticism from those who spend time thinking about these things for his family’s drawn-out search, their “naivete” and their “conflicting public statements” on exactly what kind of pooch the family is looking for.

“I’m frustrated with the Obamas. Just get a dog already,” said Daisy Okas, a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club, who said she has heard from many angry dog owners in recent days over how the Obama’s have been handling what has become, to them at least, a politically charged issue.
The Obamas have said they are looking for a medium sized dog, most likely either a Labradoodle and a Portuguese water dog. Well, these pups aren't found in shelters too often (although with the terrible economy, forcing people to give up homes, more dogs of all kind are being abandoned) and aren't completely hypoallergenic. The waffling on the issue has created problems for Obama:

Even so, Mr. Obama’s public remarks about the dog have been exasperating to some. “He just keeps making statements that are incompatible,” said Ms. Okas, of the American Kennel Club.

The Obamas “seem to be exhibiting the classic behavior of first time dog owners,” added Ms. Line, who called the process “ a little bit confusing.”
Obama had better get his act together. After all, if you can't please the pet lovers, your Presidency is destined to fail.

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