Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heck of a Job, Bushie

5 days. But who's counting, other than every sentient human being on the planet.

As always the best take on George W. Bush -- soon to be Mr. X -- is provided by Jon Stewart:

In defending his record during his last press conference, Bush mentioned that despite the criticism he received, he thought he did a pretty good job with the Katrina response after all. As Dennis DiClaudio of Comedy Central's Indecision blog observes, in Hurricane Relief is Like Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades:

So, there you go. His record's not really all that bad. After all, he only presided over the destruction of one major American city. You know how many cities there are in the country? A lot! And only one was demolished due to an inept federal response.

And, really, he only allowed two Twin Towers to tumble into nothingness in part because of a complete disinterest in paying attention to urgent intelligence reports. And he only conceived of and jumpstarted one illegal war. And he only completely disregarded one Constitution of the United States.

In eight years? That's a pretty good record, if you ask me.

I noticed that George Bush's approval rating has inched up these past few days. No doubt it's due, in part, to the overall glee in knowing he's almost out the door. Luckily, it means that Richard Nixon is restored to his rightful place in history as the most despised President.

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