Monday, January 12, 2009

Scranton Chain-saw Invasion

During the primary, President elect Barack Obama got in a heap of trouble for saying that the working class voters in Pennsylvania were bitter, which caused them to cling to guns or religion or a dislike of those who aren’t like them, such as anti-immigrant sentiment, as a way to vent their frustrations.

Well, he obviously spent some time in Scranton, for he knows about which he speaks. Scranton is not just "home" to his new VP to be, Joe Biden, or just like home to Hillary Clinton or the TV show, The Office. No, Scranton is much, much more.

Scranton is also home to the woman who was arrested for cussing out her toilet (as well as her neighbor, an off duty police officer). See The Terrible Toilet. And Scranton is also home to the most recent example of a brim full of bitterness -- the man who attacked his neighbor's door with a chainsaw because the neighbor allowed friends to park their car in front of the man's house.

As the Scranton paper reports, Jury convicts Scranton man in chain-saw incident:

A Scranton man who took a chain saw to his neighbor’s door walked out of Lackawanna County Courthouse in handcuffs Tuesday after a jury convicted him on four criminal counts.

* * * *
The incident occurred March 5 at Jamie Zaleski’s 730 Maple St. apartment. Mr. Zaleski was there with several friends when someone knocked on his door.

When he asked who it was, the man replied, “Your worst (expletive) nightmare. Open the door or I’ll cut it down.”

The group fled out the back door as the chain saw tore through the middle of the front door, leaving a gash that began at the bottom and stopped about halfway up.

During their investigation, police learned Mr. Kane and another neighbor, Earl Fedrick of 733 Maple St., approached Mr. Zaleski about a month before the incident to ask him to refrain from parking in front of their homes across the street.

* * * *
The chain-saw attack was precipitated March 5 when one of Mr. Zaleski’s friends parked in front of Mr. Kane’s home, according to police.
This is hardly a situation like Center City Philly, where parking is a premium. This is a residential section of Scranton, with single family homes and plenty of street parking.

That's certainly a new twist on road rage. In fact, it's a twist with a saw.

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