Friday, January 09, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Victimhood

Sarah Speaks: On the Sisterhood of the Victimhood.

Now, I just had to watch the whole thing, in all its unfiltered glory, to bask in the martyrdom of the right, as so eloquently expressed by Sarah Palin. The Huffington Post provides a rundown of the salient Sarah moments, if you can't bear to see it all, in Palin: Caroline Kennedy Gets Free Pass From Media, including such gems as:

John McCain is to blame for the Couric debacle: Palin blames the campaign for suggesting that she reappear with Katie Couric after her first interview "did not go well." "Going back for more," Palin says, "was not a wise decision." Wow. Once upon a time, the McCain campaign was to blame for keeping her at a distance from the press, but Palin contends that actually, they're to blame for making her face reporters! Campbell Brown, stand down!

Palin doesn't watch her interviews: Palin says "I never saw the interview after Katie edited it ... everybody spliced it together, whatever they did, and then aired it. Never saw how it came across, but my understanding is that so many other topics that were brought up weren't portrayed as accurately as they could have ... should have been after that interview." Yeah. Know what? I'm just not prepared to accept Palin's analysis of the way she was spliced and edited when those opinions are based on third-hand accounts of interviews she's never watched herself.

And then there's this:

How about a bizarre contra-historical thought exercise: How would Palin have been treated if she'd ended up as Barack Obama's running mate? Palin says, "I think they would have loved me as a candidate ... we would have seen an absolutely different and a ... much prettier profile of Sarah Palin and the Palin family and my administration." Respectfully: No. We would be seeing the election of John McCain!

She's also complained again that the "media" continues to call her daughter and Levi "dropouts," despite her correction. Sorry Sarah, they are dropouts. Really. That is, when you drop out of high school prior to graduation, you are a dropout. See PaliMania. In fact, although it hasn't been emphasized by that "liberal media," apparently Levi dropped out of high school in March of last year, which would have been before (or close to) the time that Bristol got pregnant.

This little video gem is priceless. As Wonkette says, Sarah Palin Interview Circuit Now Includes Wingnut Documentaries About MSM Lies:
Here's Sarah Palin [on] how the media stole her presidential victory and gave it to Barack Obama — TOO TRUE — by showing wholesale clips of her babbling embarrassing nonsense for minutes at a time, without interruption. . . .The best parts are when she’s watching old clips of herself being mocked on the interviewer’s portable teevee. She gets angry!
When my daughter was younger, I used to call her Gee-Gee when she was being especially Grumpy and Grouchy. That usually entailed her engaging in the type of behavior that I referred to as whining, moaning and groaning. Of course, now that my daughter has matured, I hear much less of that. However, listening to Palin, I was reminded of those days. Says a lot about Sarah -- and my daughter.

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