Thursday, June 05, 2008

Could Be

Fox News anchor Steve Doocy is trying to smear Barack Obama with the "liberal label."

As noted by Crooks & Liars, Steve Doocy: Obama could be the most liberal Senator, Doocy reported:

And in fact there’s going to be a real choice because we’ve looked at the studies which suggest that Barack Obama could be the most liberal Senator, in the US Senate, and meanwhile while John McCain—more in the middle. Would you have a guy to the right or more in the middle?
Brings back memories. Kerry too became the most liberal senator as soon as became the Democratic candidate. Before that, not so much.

Of course, as for Obama -- would that it were so. But it's far from true -- but there are 39 Democrats with more liberal voting records. But why should the truth matter? It's Fox News.

And Doocy -- hum, I think maybe it's possible that he is the one who was having an affair with Larry Craig -- before the bathroom break, of course. Can't say for sure, but he could be.

After all, I suppose anything could be true.

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